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A criminal case requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the highest standard of proof in a court of law. D. Rusch Gathings vigorously and thoroughly defends against a variety of criminal charges ranging from felonies to misdemeanors. We handle criminal cases in state throughout the legal process and through plea negotiation or trial to verdict. Protecting a client's rights through effective representation is crucial in cases involving serious criminal charges such as domestic violence, drug crimes, theft, or criminal fraud.

Civil Litigation

We handle many different types of civil litigation cases, helping clients to recover damages and seek justice. We also take measures to make the legal matter as cost-effective as possible.

Personal Injury

Car or truck accident. Slip-and-fall. Defective products. There are a number of incidents where the negligence of others results in the award of damages. Medical bills, lost wages, lost future earnings, and when death occurs, for lost support and burial expenses are some of the instances of damages that could possibly be recovered. In serious injury cases, obtaining fair compensation typically requires the skills of an experienced personal injury lawyer, whether it involves negotiating with the insurance company or (if its in your best interest) bringing the case to trial.


In 2019, New Mexico passed the strongest expungement law in the United States. It is now possible for you to clear your entire criminal history.  Regardless, if you served time in jail or prison, being convicted of a crime can make life more difficult. Having a criminal record may cause problems with prospective landlords, employers, and loan officers. Our office can help give you peace of mind by giving you a fresh start.

License Revocation

Understanding the potential consequences and obtaining an experienced DWI lawyer to protect your rights is vital if arrested for DWI. Conviction under pretty stiff Albuquerque DWI laws can lead to incarceration, alcohol screening, community service, and heavy fines. In addition to a criminal case, the Motor Vehicle Division takes administrative action to suspend or revoke your license.